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Hey AI enthusiasts!

OpenAI might recreate a 2008 Apple app store moment next week. Let's see where this can go.

In today’s AI world:

  • OpenAI GPT app store
  • CES 2024: what to expect
  • More AI news

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πŸ›οΈ OpenAI’s app store for GPTs will launch next week​

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OpenAI is set to launch the GPT Store, where developers can list and sell custom AI models based on OpenAI's text-generating technology, such as GPT-4.

The details:

  • The GPT Store aims to simplify AI app creation, allowing developers to describe desired capabilities in plain language and use the GPT Builder tool to create AI-powered applications without coding experience.
  • Details on potential revenue-sharing and monetization strategies for developers in the GPT Store have not been disclosed, with OpenAI promising to reveal more information in the following week.

Our take:

OpenAI's new GPT Store could be a big deal, just like when Apple started its App Store in 2008. It might help a lot of people make cool AI tools and possibly make a lot of money, just like many app developers did with the app store. But whether it will be that big depends on how OpenAI will tackle the copyright concerns. We are going to tinker around with launching our GPTs and document our journey in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

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πŸ–₯️ CES 2024: What to expect​

​The Consumer Electronics Show 2024 will take place starting January 8th with huge crowds, booths full of products, and a lot of companies making claims about how AI is improving their offerings.

What to expect:

  • Gaming and Content: Nvidia, known for their graphics and AI technology, will talk about how they are using AI to help with creating content.
  • TV: LG will show off their new OLED TVs that use AI to make pictures and sound better. They'll also discuss AI updates for home and mobility products.
  • Smart Homes: Samsung and LG will talk about new smart home products like cooktops, vacuums, and fridges, all powered by AI.
  • Cars: Hyundai is going to update everyone on their electric flying vehicle, plus talk about sustainability and AI in their products.

Our take:

We are excited about the smart TVs that use AI to make shows look and sound better, maybe TV might even have a resurrection for the Gen Z. The gaming stuff, like better graphic cards and screens for games, would also be really interesting to see. It's exciting to see how AI is making all kinds of hardware smarter and better.

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πŸ’° AI-powered search engine Perplexity AI, now valued at $520M, raises $73.6M

​Perplexity AI, an AI-powered search engine, raises $70M in funding, valuing the company at $520M. The platform offers a chatbot-like interface for natural language queries and provides source citations with AI-generated summaries. Perplexity aims to differentiate itself by offering robust search filtering, discovery options, and additional features like image generation and file uploads.

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βš–οΈ AI-powered legal copilot Robin AI secures $26M in Series B funding

London-based startup Robin AI raises $26 million in Series B funding to streamline contract processes using AI. Robin AI's goal is to make legal services more affordable by leveraging technology. Despite concerns about AI hallucinations, Robin AI's co-founder argues that lawyers need to take responsibility for due diligence.

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πŸ’Š This app uses AI to diagnose your symptoms

​Ada Health, a mobile app utilizing AI, helps users diagnose symptoms by assessing them against its vast database of medical conditions. The app covers 99.5% of all diagnosable conditions, looking at over 10,000 symptoms across various medical disciplines. Ada's approach combines probabilistic reasoning methods and a transparent "white box system" to differentiate between common and rare conditions, providing accurate and appropriate results.

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