Somebody will fall in love with GPT-4o

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Hey AI enthusiasts!

Adepto is back again with some exciting new developments. Let's get you back up to speed with what you might have missed.

In today’s AI world:

  • OpenAI Launches GPT-4o
  • Google Launches Project Astra
  • Ukraine Launches AI Spokesperson
  • More AI Startup News

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🤖 OpenAI Unveils GPT-4o: A New Multimodal AI Model

video preview

OpenAI has just introduced GPT-4o, a new and advanced AI model that can handle text, images, and audio. This model sets new standards for performance and comes with many new features.

Key Features of GPT-4o:

  • Better Performance: GPT-4o is better at handling text, images, audio, coding, and generating content in different languages than the older GPT-4 model.
  • Cost and Speed: It is 50% cheaper to use, can handle 5 times more requests, and generates responses twice as fast as previous models.

Voice and Other Upgrades:

  • Voice Capabilities: The new voice features include real-time responses, emotion detection and response, and combining voice with text and images.
  • Demo Highlights: The demo showed real-time translation, two AI models analyzing a live video, and using voice and vision for tutoring and coding help.
  • Additional Advances: Other improvements include 3D generation, font creation, better text generation within images, and sound effect creation.
  • New Desktop App: OpenAI also announced a new ChatGPT desktop app for macOS. The app has a refreshed user interface and integrates directly into computer workflows.

Our take: I would not be surprised if somebody falls in love with GPT-4o at some point. If you watch the demo, you will understand what I mean. It is scary how flirty it can be. The real-time voice and multimodal features are transforming AI from just a tool to an interactive intelligence that we can collaborate with, learn from, and grow with.

Watch OpenAI's full demo here

🚀 Google Unveils New AI Agent 'Project Astra'

video preview

Google has introduced 'Project Astra,' a new AI agent that can see, hear, and act on a user's behalf. This real-time AI assistant can handle tasks involving code, images, and videos with advanced reasoning and memory skills.

The highlights:

  • Demo Highlights: The demo showed the voice assistant responding to what it sees and hears, handling tasks like analyzing code, images, and videos.
  • Public Access: Astra will be available to the public through the Gemini app later this year.
  • AI Teammates: Google also showcased 'AI teammates' that can help with emails, meetings, and other data within Google Workspace.
  • Live Conversations: Users will soon be able to converse with Gemini in real-time.

Our take: There's new competition in voice assistants, with both OpenAI and Google revealing impressive new capabilities. Despite competition from OpenAI and other platforms, Google's integration of advanced AI across its ecosystem makes it a strong contender in the AI space.

Watch the full Google I/O 24 conference here

🤖 Ukraine Introduces AI Spokesperson ‘Victoriya Shi’

Ukraine’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has unveiled ‘Victoriya Shi,’ an AI-generated avatar serving as the department’s digital spokesperson. This is a first in the world of diplomacy.

Key Details:

  • Role: Victoriya Shi will present official statements for the ministry. Only the visual avatar is AI-generated; the ministry prewrote the statements.
  • Inspiration: The avatar’s look and voice are based on Rosalie Nombre, a Ukrainian singer and reality TV star.
  • Anti-Deepfake Measure: Each statement by Victoriya will include a unique QR code that links to the official text on the ministry’s website to ensure authenticity.

Why It Matters:

Victoriya Shi is the first “AI diplomat,” showcasing early use of technology that might become common in government communications. While currently only visual, it’s easy to imagine AI handling more complex tasks and communications in the future.

You can watch the first video of Victoriya Shi [here].

Watch the whole speech here


💰 Weka raises $140M as the AI boom bolsters data platforms

Weka, a data platform company, raised $140 million in a Series E funding round, valuing it at $1.6 billion. The platform helps manage and optimize data for AI and machine learning, speeding up AI model training by efficiently handling data across various storage locations. With over 300 customers and plans for further growth, Weka aims to achieve cash flow positivity by the end of 2024.

Read more here

🤖 Robot Guru Kyle Vogt raises $150M for The Bot Company

Kyle Vogt, known for co-founding Twitch and leading Cruise, launched a new startup, The Bot Company, which aims to develop robots for household chores. The company has raised $150 million from notable investors and plans to leverage expertise in robotics and AI to create effective household robots. While details on the specific robots and their prices are still unknown, The Bot Company aims to address the growing demand for home automation in a competitive market.

Read more here

🤝 Holistic AI founded by DeepMind alumni raises $200M funding

Holistic AI, a French startup founded by former DeepMind scientists, has raised $200 million in funding, valuing the company at $370 million. The startup aims to develop advanced AI systems that can interact with each other and perform complex tasks like memory and planning, surpassing existing models like OpenAI’s GPT. Investors include Accel Partners, UiPath Inc., and former Google CEO Eric Schmidt, who has a strong interest in cutting-edge AI development.

Read more here

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