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In today’s AI world:

  • Google's AI developments
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🖥️ Google's New AI Developments

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Google published many breakthroughs and features in the last few days and an internal document got leaked, which reveals their key goal for 2024 — to "deliver the world's most advanced, safe, and responsible AI”.

The details:

  • AI spam-generated content threatens the company’s core search — though feared disruption of search revenue from AI chatbots has yet to occur.
  • Google Chrome published a browser update, introducing new experimental AI features, like
    • Tab Organizer automatically sorts open tabs into suggested groups
    • AI themes will allow users to personalize their browser by selecting a subject, mood, style, and color
    • A new "Help me write" feature will provide AI-generated suggestions
  • Google researchers just revealed Lumiere, a new AI model for video generation that achieves unprecedented realism and creative control — while maintaining consistency by generating the full video simultaneously.

Our take:

Google faces a lot of pressure because its AI capabilities are lagging behind players like Microsoft. They are continuously including AI integrations into its existing product base, to catch up. We are quite surprised by Google's video generation capability and are looking forward to many more features!

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💰 Sam Altman wants to crush NVIDIA

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Sam Altman is currently in talks about raising billions of dollars from investors to build a network of factories that produce AI-focused chips.

The details:

  • Sam Altman is working to create chip factories around the world with leading chipmakers. This is to keep up with the growing need for more computing power.
  • There was a pause in these chip plans when Altman was briefly not the CEO in November. But, once he became CEO again, the plans started up again.
  • Altman is currently talking with TSMC, a big chipmaker from Taiwan, and also with rich investors from the Middle East.
  • The goal of making chips is to be less dependent on Nvidia, a major chip company, and to prepare for a possible big shortage of chips in the future.

Why this is important: Altman is quickly acting to ensure a lack of chips doesn't slow down progress in AI. However, taking on the big chip companies is a huge challenge. Also, working more with the Middle East and starting new projects could lead to more people watching and questioning Altman and OpenAI.

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📱 AI Tool Of The Week

D-ID’s Creative Reality™ studio app brings a new era of AI videos to your fingertips. The app enables users to create customized digital humans that look, sound, and speak like real people, offering unparalleled creative freedom to creators and businesses.

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🔭 Mark Zuckerbergs AI Vision

Mark Zuckerberg announced that Meta is actively working on developing artificial general intelligence (AGI), aiming to open-source it for the benefit of society. This involves integrating Meta's FAIR and GenAI AI research teams to build and responsibly share AGI. This will be backed by a substantial AI infrastructure including plans for 350,000 Nvidia H100 GPUs. Despite skepticism from Meta's Chief Scientist, Yann LeCun, about the near-term realization of AGI, this highlights Meta's commitment to an open-source approach that could democratize AGI advancements.

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🤖 Figure Robotics Lands First Deal

Robotics startup Figure has made a deal to use its humanoid robots in a BMW car factory in South Carolina soon. These robots will help with repetitive or risky jobs like moving materials and loading pallets. This partnership shows that big companies are interested in using advanced robots, which could change how people and robots work together in many kinds of jobs.

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🤖 Robotics Startup 1X raises $100 Million

Norwegian AI robotics startup, 1X Technologies, has just received $100 million in funding to develop a home-based consumer robot. Their new robot, NEO, which can walk and move like a human, is designed to help with household tasks. This development suggests that humanoid robots could soon become a common part of our daily lives, both at home and in the workplace.

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