🀞 Sam Altman Breaks Trust?

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Hey AI enthusiasts!

The internal OpenAI investigation is still going on, but Helen Toner decided to break the silence during a new Interview with the Wall Street Journal - Let’s dive in!

In today’s AI world:

  • Helen Toner breaks the silence on Sam Altman
  • Mistral AI announces new open-source model
  • AI startup of the week: App Mint AI
  • More AI News

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πŸ—£οΈ Helen Toner Breaks Silence on Sam Altman Firing​

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Helen Toner, the former board member of OpenAI opened up about the drama revolving around Sam Altman's firing.

The details:

  • Helen voted to fire Sam Altman, not due to issues with AI safety, but because of a lack of trust.
  • She's known for challenging common beliefs in AI safety and even released a paper criticizing OpenAI
  • Toner and other board members resigned, after being surprised by the employee's loyalty to Sam Altman.

Our take:

With Toner's vague explanation, we are yet to find out the exact reason for Sam Altman's firing. We believe more significant events had to have happened for such a drastic decision. Therefore, we are looking forward to the results of the internal investigation.

​Read the full interview here​

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πŸ’° Mistral AI announces new open-source model​

After the successful Series A round of $415 million, Mistral AI announced a new open-source model called Mixtral​

The details:

  • Mixtral can handle a context of up to 32k tokens, is multilingual with support for English, French, Italian, German, and Spanish, and excels in code generation.
  • In various benchmarks, Mixtral either matches or exceeds the performance of the Llama 2 family and GPT3.5.
  • Mixtral shows a lower bias compared to Llama 2 and exhibits higher truthfulness.

​Try and compare Mixtral here​

AI Startup of the Week

πŸ“± App Mint AI: Empower your creativity with AI text apps​

The challenge lies in leveraging AI for creative text-based applications, particularly for those who desire an easy-to-use platform that can handle everything from joke generators to insightful description tools.

Solution: App Mint AI offers an intuitive drag-and-drop interface for creating AI-powered text applications, complete with free secure hosting and the ability to download source code, catering to both beginners and experienced creators.

Why Them: App Mint AI distinguishes itself by simplifying app creation, ensuring secure and complimentary hosting, and providing upcoming features like custom domains, making it an accessible and versatile choice for anyone interested in AI and text app innovation.

​Try it out here.


πŸ”₯ Durable Raises $14M Series A​

Vancouver-based startup Durable raises $14M in Series A funding to develop AI-powered tools for small businesses in service industries. Durable's AI website creator has already been used to build over 6 million websites and they plan to release an automated proactive assistant soon.

​Read more here​

⏳ Relevance AI Raises $10M​

Relevance AI raises $10M in funding to expand its low-code platform, allowing companies to build custom AI agents for improved productivity. The startup already has 6,000 companies using its platform. Relevance AI aims to onboard more customers and predicts that every team will have at least one AI agent by 2025, with a full-fledged AI team by 2030.

​Read more here​

πŸ€– Boston Dynamics On The Future of Robots​

Boston Dynamics CTO, Aaron Saunders, discusses the role of generative AI in robotics. Humanoid robots are not always the best form factor for all tasks, but Boston Dynamics sees potential in the long-term pursuit of general-purpose robotics. The next major category for robotics will likely be in industries like construction and healthcare, which have high demand but a shortage of skilled labor.

​Read the full interview here​

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