Mark Zuckerberg joins AI Race

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Hey AI enthusiasts!

Adepto is back again with some exciting new developments. Let's get you back up to speed with what you might have missed the past month!

In today’s AI world:

  • Hollywood begins AI cloning
  • The new Meta AI breakthroughs
  • Boston Dynamics' new humanoid robot
  • More AI startup news

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🎥 Hollywood Wants To Create AI Clones

A big talent agency in Hollywood called CAA is trying out a new project named CAA Vault. This project lets their top clients make AI versions of themselves. This could help these clients explore new creative ideas.

The details:

  • CAA worked with AI companies to create digital copies of their clients’ bodies, faces, and voices.
  • These copies can be used for things like redoing scenes, and voiceovers, and replacing stunt doubles in movies
  • CAA wants to share this technology with everyone in the movie industry, not just their clients
  • Hollywood is already preparing for how AI will change the industry. (For example, Tyler Perry decided to stop making his studio bigger after seeing what AI technology, like OpenAI’s Sora, can do)

Our take: CAA's initiative to embrace AI technology shows forward-thinking leadership, positioning their clients at the forefront of an inevitable industry shift. As AI models advance, the ability to substitute real actors with their AI replicas could revolutionize film production, making it more efficient and cost-effective. The blurring line between real and AI-generated performances promises exciting possibilities for content creation, potentially democratizing access to top-tier talent.

Watch it here

🚀 Meta AI Breakthroughs

video preview

Meta has launched Llama 3, a new version of its free-to-use large language model. It comes in two sizes, one with 8 billion and another with 70 billion parameters, making them stronger than other similar models in various tests.

The details:

  • Both of Meta’s new Llama 3 models performed better than similar models from Google, Mistral, and Anthropic in tests
  • These models were trained using a dataset that is seven times bigger than the one used for the previous version, Llama 2
  • Meta plans to release an even bigger version of Llama 3, with over 400 billion parameters, in the next few months (This version is expected to be as good as GPT-4)
  • Llama 3 is integrated into various Meta platforms (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger, and through a new website called

Our take: Meta's rollout of Llama 3, featuring top-tier benchmarks and a massive upcoming model, highlights a strategic move to dominate AI advancements. By integrating this powerful AI across widely-used platforms like Facebook and Instagram, Meta has effectively brought cutting-edge technology to billions, accelerating AI familiarity and adoption globally. This expansive approach not only democratizes AI access but also positions Meta as a central player in defining the future landscape of AI integration.

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🤖 Boston Dynamics reveals the new Atlas Robot

video preview

Boston Dynamics has introduced a new version of its Atlas robot. This model is all-electric, designed for practical use, and is very skillful and agile.

The details:

  • A new video shows the Atlas robot’s ability to lift itself up from lying down and turn its head and upper body completely around
  • This new robot was introduced just a day after Boston Dynamics said they would stop using the older version of Atlas
  • The new Atlas looks sleeker than the old one, with a head that lights up like a ring and no wires showing
  • Boston Dynamics will test this robot in car factories owned by Hyundai, which has invested in the company

Our take: Boston Dynamics continues to impress, leveraging over ten years of experience to introduce yet another groundbreaking robotic innovation with the new Atlas. This latest iteration moves beyond mere human imitation, showcasing an optimal robotic design that features extraordinary flexibility not confined to human limitations. The new Atlas not only pushes the boundaries of mechanical design but also hints at a future where robots can perform tasks with capabilities far surpassing human physical abilities.

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🤝 Webflow acquires Intellimize to add AI-powered webpage personalization

Webflow, a company that helps people build and host websites, has bought Intellimize, a company that uses AI to make websites more personalized for each visitor. Intellimize's technology changes web pages based on what it learns about each visitor's behavior, which helps businesses attract more customers. As part of the deal, most of Intellimize’s team will join Webflow, and their tools will be combined with Webflow’s services to improve website design and personalization.

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💰 Microsoft invests $1.5B in G42

Microsoft has invested $1.5 billion in G42, an AI company based in Abu Dhabi, which shows the UAE's increasing importance in the tech competition between the U.S. and China. This deal, which includes Microsoft executive Brad Smith joining G42's board, reflects the geopolitical tension as G42 has ties with both U.S. and Chinese companies. Despite G42's past connections with Chinese firms, this new partnership with Microsoft aims to reduce its Chinese influences and expand Microsoft's technology presence in the UAE and surrounding regions.

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⚖️ Lawhive raises $12M to expand its legal tech AI platform for small firms

Lawhive, a U.K.-based legal tech startup, has raised £9.5 million to expand its AI-based services aimed at small law firms and solo lawyers. The company provides an AI "lawyer" named Lawrence who helps with tasks like summarizing documents and onboarding clients, targeting the smaller "main street" law firms that are often overlooked by other tech firms. This funding round, led by GV and Episode 1 Ventures, will help Lawhive expand into new markets and improve legal services for both lawyers and consumers.

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