💥 Elon Musk Sues OpenAI

Published 4 months ago • 3 min read

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Adepto is back again with some exciting new developments. Let's get you back up to speed!

In today’s AI world:

  • Elon Musk sues OpenAI
  • OpenAI leaps into robotics with Figure
  • AI tool of the week
  • More AI startup news

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🎥 OpenAI Launches Text-To-Video Model Sora

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Elon Musk, who helped start OpenAI but isn't part of it now, is suing OpenAI and its CEO, Sam Altman. He claims the company is too close to Microsoft. OpenAI told its workers it strongly disagrees with Musk's lawsuit.

Elon Musk's side:

  • Elon Musk is suing OpenAI and Sam Altman, claiming they prioritized profit over their original goal to benefit humanity with their AI technology
  • Musk argues that OpenAI’s close partnership with Microsoft has shifted the company away from being open-source and towards corporate interests
  • The lawsuit criticizes the changes in OpenAI’s leadership and board, suggesting they lack the necessary focus on AI ethics and governance for the benefit of humanity

OpenAI's side:

  • OpenAI disagrees with Elon Musk’s lawsuit, suggesting Musk might regret not being part of the company anymore
  • OpenAI emphasizes its independence from Microsoft and its mission to ensure AI benefits all humanity, despite Musk’s claims
  • OpenAI is cooperating with government agencies, likely due to an investigation following a recent leadership shakeup

Our take: Legal experts think Musk's lawsuit might not win because it's based on agreements that weren't written down. Even if Musk doesn't win, the lawsuit could still cause problems for OpenAI by revealing secrets internal secrets. But most importantly this lawsuit could be distracting OpenAI from their work. This plays well into Musk's hands with him building a competitor with x.AI

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💰 OpenAI Leaps Into Robotics

Figure, an AI robotics company developing general-purpose humanoid robots, today announced that it has raised $675M in Series B funding at a $2.6B valuation with investments from Microsoft, OpenAI Startup Fund, NVIDIA, and Jeff Bezos.

The details:

  • Figure, an AI robotics company, raised $675 million at a $2.6 billion valuation with investments from big names like Microsoft, OpenAI, NVIDIA, and Jeff Bezos.
  • Figure and OpenAI will work together to create new AI models for humanoid robots, aiming to improve how these robots understand and use language.
  • The money will help Figure grow its AI and robotics development, including making more robots, hiring more engineers, and getting their robots ready for use in businesses like car manufacturing.

Our Take: OpenAI's collaboration with Figure represents an exciting leap forward in making humanoid robots more intuitive and responsive to human interaction through advanced language understanding. This partnership, promises to bridge the gap between human workers and machines, potentially transforming how we approach labor-intensive or dangerous tasks. I find the prospect of robots that can understand and execute tasks based on verbal commands both fascinating and a bit surreal, as it nudges us closer to a future where human-robot collaboration is seamlessly integrated into our daily lives.

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📱 AI Tool Of The Week

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With Dataku, harness the power of AI to batch-analyze, extract, and summarize your data into organized tables. Deal with repetitive data tasks by 10x: simply upload your documents, define the data points you need, and let AI take care of the rest.

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🎶 Adobe previews ‘Photoshop of music’

Adobe Research is developing a new generative AI tool called Project Music GenAI Control, which enables users to create music from text prompts and offers detailed editing capabilities to tailor audio precisely. The project aims to transform music creation by providing "pixel-level control" for music, allowing for adjustments in tempo, structure, and other musical elements, making it easier for broadcasters, podcasters, and creators to produce custom audio. This innovative tool, developed in collaboration with experts from the University of California, San Diego, and Carnegie Mellon University, builds on Adobe's legacy of AI innovation and commitment to ethical AI use, featuring built-in content credentials for transparency.

Watch the demo here.

🎭 Photoroom, the AI image editor, raised $43M at a $500M valuation

Photoroom, a photo-editing app from Paris, has raised $43 million at a valuation of $500 million. The company, which processes about 5 billion images a year and has over 150 million app downloads, plans to use this funding to double its workforce and invest in research and development. Photoroom is developing its own AI models to improve product photography and other image-editing features, aiming to make photos look professional regardless of the shooting conditions.

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📈 Inkitt, the self-publishing platform using AI to develop bestsellers, nabs $37M

Inkitt, a platform that lets people publish their stories, has raised $37 million to use AI to find and turn the best stories into hits, aiming to become a new kind of "Disney" for digital content. The company, which has 33 million users and has produced many bestsellers, plans to expand into games, audiobooks, and AI-generated videos. Inkitt uses AI to personalize stories for readers and is experimenting with AI to write stories, aiming to create content that's closely tailored to individual tastes.

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